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The only app that makes "REAL" analgyph 3D images.
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Make "Real" 3D

There are many apps insisting they can make 3D images without understanding technologies behind.

Make It 3D is the only app making "REAL" 3D images created by a computer vision specialist.


Image Overlay Mode

Minimizing y-parallax while taking pictures. This feature helps you make a perfect 3d picture.

Multiple 3D Options

  • Anaglyph Mono, Color, Dubois
  • Wiggle
  • Parallel, Cross
  • Superposition

Manual Alignment

Alignment is the key to make a good 3D picture. This feature helps you align two pictures precisely.

Auto Alignment

Automatic 3D image alignment using computer vision algorithms (PRO version only).


Following comments are from real Make It 3D users.

Great program to make highly realistic 3D photographs. It supports many different 3D types. If you are into photography and especially 3D, look no further, this is the best around.

Eric Akkerman

Best 3D App

I've tried several 3D apps and this is the best. It's easy to align too (by putting on anaglyph glasses) while adjusting. I know there's an auto align function but I'm not sure that would even help, it's just so simple. I'll probably purchase the pro-version just as a 'Thank You'.

British Guy

Excellent 3D photo composer. Very prudent developer; he/she seems to listen to user input. This review is NOT sponsored by the developer in any earthly form.

Knight D

Excellent-Awsome-Love It!

OMG! I've been making "Lenticular" pics on PC and it is soo time consuming & calculations have to be 100%. Now I can make one in 2 clicks! Great App!

Cathy Schulz

Great app

This app is the best for taking 3d stereoscopic photos. Very smart and intuitive.

Yossi Kadosh


Best 3D app on Market!!! Excellent comunication with developer! Thank you very much!!!

A Google User

One Man Army

Only app on playstore I've seen that can make a perfect 3D in a perfect Manner. Thanks.

Jony Gamit


Easy to use and understand mint piece of technology love it top marks

William Townley

The best app to make 3d pics

Very easy to make 3d pictures with this app. Something that really works for me it's to adjust the 3d effects and alignment with a pair of cyan/red glasses and then switch to SBS format to watch it on vr. Excellent app for 3d and vr lovers. Now can you imagine doing this with a photosphere and make it 3d. That would be perfection. Cheers

Ruben Calatayud


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